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Glitter paint for walls

We love glitter as much as you do, and we know you want to add a distinctive touch to your home or office. Therefore, you can not miss the new fashion, paint with glitter for walls. You can also apply a glitter varnish or make it yourself, a craft that children (and not so children) will love.

Don’t hesitate any longer and look at our catalog with all kinds of colored glitter paintings!

Why should you paint with glitter paint?

Painting walls with glitter is becoming a new trend and it is not surprising, its application is super easy and gives us spectacular shiny finishes. We have seen glitter applied to walls in bathrooms, in bedrooms, in living rooms, in little corners to read, etc … As you can see, there are endless possibilities, but there are also a lot of different glitter paints and that’s why that at we want to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

We leave you with some images to inspire you, and see the brilliant results that can be achieved.

We know you like what you see. In addition, it is not only in silver, it is in a multitude of colors such as gold, purple, blue … whatever you want! The Hemway brand offers us, neither more nor less, than 35 different colors !!

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Which glitter paint suits you best?

Ok, we know it looks great, the results are very good, but let’s get to the point. Which one is the best? Well like everything, it depends on your needs. If what you want is to do crafts, the best are glitter tempera or glitter effect sprays, on the other hand, if you want to paint a wall of your house, you need a water-based emulsified paint (oil-based ones do not work), they can come already mixed where you simply apply the paint on the wall, or you can buy a glitter additive for walls that is very similar and the results are just as good. This last method is cheaper and more adjustable since you can measure the amount of glitter you want to apply to your wall, on the contrary, it is not as comfortable as those that are already mixed.

Glitter or glitter paint (Already mixed)

We begin by analyzing the jewel in the crown, either for its fabulous results or for its comfort. We are talking about the glitter paint that is already mixed, as you hear it, buy, open and paint. As simple as that.

There are many brands on the market, but not all of them are going to give you the desired results, as the expression says, sometimes cheap is expensive. But do not panic, we are not talking about exorbitant prices on Amazon we can find very good offers where for a few money we can paint an entire room.

Offers paint with glitter or glitter (already mixed)

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How to apply glitter paint?

As we have commented before, applying this type of paint has no secret, they are designed to be applied directly without the need of anything special.

To paint we need a roller, a brush or small roller, a bucket and a stick (optional), masking tape (optional).

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  1. (Optional) Limit the area that we want to paint with masking tape and put plastics or blankets on the floor so as not to get dirty. This step is optional but highly recommended.
  2. Clean the wall well to remove dirt that can make the paint dirty if we do not obtain the desired result.
  3. (Optional) Paint the wall with a coat of primer, this step is useful if we want to apply a light color on a dark wall. It is about painting the wall with a white paint, so the paint that we paint on it will look much better.
  4. Open the lid of the glitter paint carefully, you can help yourself with a screwdriver to pry if it goes too hard.
  5. With a stick, or something similar, mix the paint well (Sometimes the glitter can remain at the bottom of the container)
  6. Add the paint on the bucket
  7. First we will cut the corners with the brush. It is about going through all the corners and areas of the wall where we cannot access with the roller.
  8. Finally, we wet the roller in the bucket, do not fall short, but do not go overboard so as not to leave drops. And we always apply vertically on the wall, it is important not to change direction and travel the entire wall vertically in a single pass. This way we will achieve a much more professional result.
  9. We carefully remove the masking tape and if necessary we can touch up with a brush.
  10. We let it dry overnight

Recommendations and coverage

We recommend using a sponge roller or a wide bristle paint brush. This paint has an approximate coverage of 9 to 12 square meters per liter, although everything will depend on the layers you give it and the effect you want.

Glitter additive for paint

As we mentioned, there are cheaper alternatives to the previous method, it is a glitter additive that is added to the emulsified water-based paint, the good thing about using this method is that we can choose the base color of the paint and the tonality of the glitter, we can also decide if we want to add more or less glitter according to the intensity we want.

We can also mix the additive with transparent paint or varnish, although it is a slightly more complicated method and that if this type of paint is not very well mixed and is not applied uniformly, it usually makes “globs” where more glitter accumulates.

Glitter additive offers

There are countless additives with glitter of different shades, we will show you some that are on sale.

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Offers water-based emulsified paint to mix with glitter

As we have mentioned, not all paints are the same, and in this case oil-based paints, which some people prefer because the smell they give off is not so strong, they are not recommended for this type of practice. To obtain good results and for the glitter to be well distributed on the wall, you must use emulsified water-based paint.

We recommend these:

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Offers transparent paint or glitter varnish

Transparent varnishes or paints are very useful when we only want to give a layer of shine to our wall, furniture, etc … But without altering the base color.

These are some of the ones we recommend for this type of use:

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How to mix and apply the paint with the glitter additive?

The application method is very simple, but unlike the previous step we need to do one more step. In this case it will be to mix the paint with the additive.

To do it, you have to follow the same steps, but in step 5 you have to add the additive, depending on the manufacturer, it indicates the ideal proportions. It must be stirred very well to obtain good results.

Glitter paint for crafts

All this painting walls is fine, but what if what we want is a painting to make crafts? To do this, we tell you that there are glitter tempers that are ideal for this type of use.

If you want to see more information about it, we recommend that you take a look at our article, we will detail them there so that you can try the one you like the most.

In any case, we leave you the best sellers that you will surely like.

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How to make glitter paint?

Not convinced by the 35 colors above? Looking for something cheaper? Don’t worry, we have glitter for tastes and colors. In this case, we suggest you create your own glitter wall paint.
Experiment with mixing with other colors for special results.

As you can see, it is not complicated at all and the result is spectacular. To create this fabulous effect we can choose two ways: mix the glitter with matte paint or mix the glitter with glue to create a kind of varnish (Not recommended).


It is true that the option of creating our own homemade glitter paint is cheaper but you have to be careful how we do it since not all the glitter is ready to be mixed with paint. Also, not all paint is ready for glitter. In any case, if what we want is to save a few money without losing quality, this is the best option.

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On the other hand, if what we want is a professional finish quickly and easily, we only have to buy glitter paint. It is somewhat more expensive (per liter of paint) but we make sure to have an ideal and uniform mixture as well as having an exceptional quality. It should be noted that this type of paint works very well with a base of the same color as the paint and, in fact, the manufacturer recommends it.

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